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Web Development

If you have tried multiple “off the shelf” applications for your business, but were never quite happy, then we are your solution. We specialize in custom web applications designed to fit your needs and we can usually do it for the same cost or less than you would pay for a program designed for the masses.


From branding to SEO (search engine optimization), we can get your message out and your company found. We don’t believe in one size fits all marketing. We believe in personal relationships, so we can craft the perfect plan to reach your unique goals. We are invested in our clients and in their success.

The Iron Triangle

We’ve all heard the adage that you must choose two out of three: Quick, Good, Cheap.  Yes, these are relative, but using the latest technology and the best practices, we are confident we can do all three well and way better than the next guy.  We won’t be happy until you are happy.

What Our Clients Say

“When my business needed a boost, I was referred by a friend to call Erica. She walked me through all my options and helped me best utilize the latest technology. Now my sales are at an all time high and I couldn’t be happier.”

Connie R.
RE/MAX Preferred Associates

“My office has worked with both Tom and Erica over the past few years and found they were very attentive to our needs.  We love the website they designed for us as well as their marketing advice!”

Dr. Kris Nicholas

Drs. Howard, Nicholas and Baurek Inc.

“Before working with Erica, I was really unhappy with my SEO (search engine optimization) and it was hard to find my company online. Within a few weeks, I was on the first page and being easily found using the most common search phrases pertaining to my business.”
Liza S.
Aesthetic Skin Solutions by Liza

Web Applications

In today’s changing world, most software is designed as an application accessible from the web.  This means you, your employees or your customers can access your application from anywhere, anytime.  We can make any application you can dream up, including Customer Relationship Management (CRM), quoting applications, warehousing, logistics, healthcare and other large database applications.

Web Sites

We generally handle websites for clients who need to provide more than just information.   If you are looking for complex features to be accessible for employees and customers and available in real-time, we can help.  We specialize in online services like process management, quoting, warehousing and e-commerce. We can host, build and maintain your website. We also offer content creation services.

Mobile Applications

Mobile applications are vital to growing businesses as people continue to use their phones in place of a computer. Think beyond Angry Birds and Pizza Delivery apps (but yes, we can do that), to truck drivers getting logistical information, sales representatives updating contact information and notes in real time or customers getting complicated quotes from a manufacturing company.

Traditional Marketing

From advertising to direct mail, we can give you beautiful pieces that present your brand in a clear way to a targeted audience.  We specialize in strategic planning, messaging, public relations, graphic design and more.  We pride ourselves in making the process easy, while building your customer base and profit margin.  As a small business, we know the importance of looking out for your bottom line and will always have your best interest at heart.

Social Media

Social Media is here to stay and is one of the fastest ways to reach your customer base about announcements, promotions and information. From Facebook to Twitter, we can help you become a trending topic and build your base of followers. We can work with your in-house team to develop of social media plan with measurable goals and objectives or we can handle it from start to finish including content creation, insight reports, monitoring activity and social advertising.

SEO and Web Presence

Everyone wants to be on page 1 of a Google search, but Google makes us work for it with ever-changing algorithms and formulas to reach that top spot.  SEO has evolved and no longer depends on keywords and metatags. While we may never know the exact elusive formula Google uses, we do know that there are a variety of factors we can control.  We have a tested plan of action to help your target customers not only find you first, but trust you most.

The Process: How To Get Started

We know the best way to help our clients is to sit down and discuss your needs and goals as a business.  We want to make sure we are a good match for you and pride ourselves on always keeping the best interest of the client in mind.  

Every plan we craft is tailored for each company’s unique needs.  We offer our services and features a la carte to allow you to choose the best options while looking out for your bottom line.  

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